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About League Setup
Sports League Software Website
Ever been so mad at a software program that you wanted to pound your computer with a 40-ounce Louisville Slugger?
So have we. That’s why we created League Setup: To give us what we really need for total league management. It’s made for people like you because you are, well, like us. Anyway, let’s just say that League Setup is your kind of software. Its straightforward, flexible design lets you focus on the league, not the software.
A Sports League Website that fits like a glove.
League Setup Software is the result of real, on-the-field experience running leagues like yours – it meets your needs.

Developed by career sports managers.
League Setup is designed to help you run a tight operation – you save time and money.

Backed by a well-trusted industry name.
League Setup is a division of GoTo Solutions, Inc. – buy and use it with confidence.

We know what it takes to run a successful Sports League, and how to build rock-solid software solutions. So, it’s only natural that GoTo Solutions would hammer out the strongest league management software program on the market.
As you grow with your League Setup Website , we’ll be working to enhance the system to better meet your ever-expanding needs. Sure, GoTo Solutions already offers the best technology for automating league operations. But as part of our continuing commitment to you, we’ll keep on working to make sure our solutions stay on top – not just this season or next, but long into the future. We’re with you for the long haul.
Learn how a League Setup Website can dramatically simplify communication, boost revenue, and keep it fun for everyone – including you!

For sales information, contact us at sales@leaguesetup
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