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Only one League Management Website covers all your bases.
League Setup provides you all the tools you need to fully automate your league website operations for:
  1. Flawless communication;
  2. Maximum revenue gains; and
  3. High-efficiency operations.
Everything that makes the experience memorable for everyone involved. Give your baseball league the professional website it deserves.
The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat – when it comes to managing league operations, there’s a very small spread between the two. Make the right choice. A League Setup website is the difference you need for victory over the mounds of vital information passing between teams, coaches, players, fans, and staff.
The most powerful sports league management website you can get, League Setup provides high-tech features usually reserved for high-end web portals (such as Yahoo). It puts into your hands a set of rugged, flexible software tools designed to meet the needs of small-to-large sports programs.
The League Setup website lets you manage your league like a pro. So you can breathe a little easier knowing that everything is running smoothly.
Why is a League Setup website the #1 choice for successful baseball league officials.
Baseball is as much about the little things as it is the big moments. A League Setup website makes it possible to manage even the smallest details — seamlessly, behind the scenes — so everyone can keep their heads in the game.
What’s the real difference between youth leagues and the big leagues?

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Streamline Communication:
Use Your League Website
Long, tough season ahead? If you run a Travel Sports League, Rec Sports League,or Club Teams, you know how demanding it can be to balance your personal life, professional endeavors, and league business. It’s stressful, time-consuming, draining.
Key Communication Features: Online Registration, Broadcast Emailing, Bulletin Boards, Document Uploads, Public Posting Boards, Secured Team Contacts, Special Alert Ticker, Rainout Information, Field Locator, and more...
By fully automating your Travel or Rec baseball League operations, a League Setup website helps you ratchet down your stress level and get your life back. Managing information between teams, coaches, players, parents, and staff will become surprisingly and pleasantly manageable.
League Website eliminates 8 of 10 information requests, those tedious, time-draining calls and emails that sap your energy. Simply direct information seekers to your League Setup Website. League officials who do just that estimate a time savings of up to 80%, as a result of handling requests more efficiently or eliminating some requests altogether.
Suppose each request took an average of 3 minutes. You might be gaining 24 minutes for every 10 calls and emails you field. At 20 contacts a day, you could save upwards of an hour every day, approximately seven hours a week—that’s a potential total savings of 30 hours per month or more!
What would you do with an extra 30 hours a month? Don’t let the administrative duties of running your league keep you from enjoying the game.
Information overload can pummel even the best of leagues. Information is hurtling around your Baseball league at a dizzying pace – schedules, scores, stats, standings, Tournaments, directories, updates, events, announcements, cancellations, highlights.
Everyone is just trying to keep up; they all need to know what’s going on, who’s doing what with whom, when and where.
Plus, just to keep things interesting, it’s all a moving target – the who, what, when, and where are bound to change more than just a few times during the season.
In the click of a mouse, League Setup users can update the Website, talk to an entire group at once, or alert people of a change. The instantaneous world of the Internet makes it all possible.
Think of it: Any modification on your Website made viewable right away, email messages sent in a split-second to all interested parties, last-minute cancellations or scheduling conflicts broadcast in a single moment to everyone at the same time.
A League Setup Website: Keep everyone in the loop – constantly, instantly, effortlessly.
  • Essential Tools and Resources:
  • League Bulletins with events calendar, announcements, photos, info links.
  • Schedules for games, practices, tournaments, playoffs, meetings.
  • Contact Info for officials, commissioners, managers, coaches, players, parents, umpires.
  • Team Pages with team and player game stats, both summary and detailed, plus bios, photos, and more.
  • Broadcast messages, reminders, last-minute changes, game and practice cancellations.
  • Maps, weather, lost-and-found, top hitters and pitchers…
Boost Revenue:
A Professional Website Design
Gain Respect and Trust. Choosing a professionally designed League Website conveys to your League Participants, SPonsors, and Families that you mean business. League Setup is a powerful Web portal that is wrapped in a stylish screen design. So what? It will drive your advertising revenue higher than ever.
Sponsors are drawn to advertising venues that make them look good. The professionalism of League Setup can help you land some of the community’s top businesses and other local sponsors. There are many reasons for this. Here are three important ones:
Reason #1: Sponsors can be sure they will be well represented.
Local sponsors naturally want to advertise with their hometown league. They get a real sense of satisfaction knowing that their support is hitting home. But business is business. And a company must protect it’s brand image – it’s their most valuable asset!
That’s why sponsors flock to a professionally designed League Setup Website.
Reason #2: Sponsors are more likely to acquire new customers.
Every business knows that customers appreciate a clean, attractive environment that meets their every need. People are more inclined to patronize such an environment.
That’s why businesses keep up the appearance of their physical locations. And that’s why sponsors value the marketing pull of a well designed League Setup Website.
Reason #3: Local sponsors only — no distracting national pop-up ads.
Everyone will be happy to know that League Setup displays only local advertising. Ever been to one of those so-called "free" league sites? They blast annoying, irrelevant national ads that pop up in your face when you least expect it.
Sponsors and participants alike will applaud the subtle, stationary banner ads on a League Setup Website.
So everyone wins: Sponsors look great. Participants feel great. Your revenue is great. What more could you want?
  • Increase team sponsorships by providing a high-class advertising venue.
  • Attract top local sponsors who will pay a premium to support the hometown league on a professional site.
  • Provide sponsors with a valuable traffic link from your Web site to theirs, which could mean immediate sales.
  • Allow sponsors to sign up for a no-hassle annual Website sponsorship.
Increase Involvement:
Invite everyone to chip in on Website maintenance. Go ahead. It’s OK. They can’t break anything. Staff, coaches, volunteers, officials – anyone you choose – can help keep league information current, because there’s no special skills required!
League Setup is so easy to use, you can entrust any number of computer novices to make on-the-fly entries in just seconds. League Setup provides quick and simple entry forms to make even the most non-technical people look like computer geniuses.
With very little instruction, your helpers can be updating league data like a pro, and they can do it from any convenient Internet connection – home, office, wherever.
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Think of the time and money you’ll save by spreading responsibility among a whole team of staff and supporters. And just think about how many people are getting the chance to play a vital role in the success of their league. Everyone involved can get a real sense of ownership. You can’t put a price on that. It’s a real bonus to you and the league.
Essential Tools and Resources:
  • Secure password protected login ensures only authorized people can access your sensitive data.
  • Grant access to any number of Web workers to update information pertaining to their specific area of responsibility (scorekeepers, team managers, coaches, etc.).
  • Web workers can access the database all day, every day from any Internet connection.
  • Quick and easy entry forms allow people to update all league data.
  • No special computer skills needed.
Provide League Fun:
Provide Big League Fun
Make players feel like big leaguers.
For young players, League Setup is a big league experience. It’s a place where they can be the center of attention, just like a big leaguer.
It’s all about the game, no matter where you play. Yet the game seems a little richer, a little more alive when played like the big leaguers, with the adrenaline rush of being at the center of the spectacle.
What do players think of a professional League Setup Website?
"Seeing my name in the highlights makes me feel good about myself."
"The stats drive me to beat my best."
"It’s cool to know everyone can follow your game."
(Moms, dads, and other fans love League Setup, too, for the schedules, scores, rosters, updates, news, and more!)
League Setup: The league Website that makes every kid look and feel like a pro.
Why Build Your Own:
You could build your own but why?
Six figures and thousands of hours, that’s what went into this full-featured, Web-based technology. You might be able to build something on your own, or enlist volunteers with various skill levels. But why bother?
Think you can save money? Not likely. For less than half the cost of a movie ticket, players can enjoy the big-league power of League Setup. Doing your own, even a smaller version, could cost a lot more time and money than you think, especially without an experienced team of professionals.
League Setup is ready now. It’s affordable. It works. League Setup is a sure thing.
Sports Leagues:
Pick your Sports League Website
Choose Your Sports League Website, No matter what sport you pick your covered by our full-featured, Web-based technology. You might be able to build something on your own, or enlist volunteers with various skill levels, get a Cheap Free website. But why bother?
League setup provides both Website and Full time Support Services.
It’s affordable. It works.
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